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# /r/Peloton Pre-TDF Survey 2020

Gentlemen, Ladies and those otherwise addressed - we know you've been waiting for a good thing, and the survey results are finally ready!
The answers were collected from you all during August 2020 with 1428 unique replies. That's a participation of 0.5% of all subscribers! That's really not too bad, when you keep in mind how popular these kind of surveys are. But we here at /peloton want to show you that this is all about presenting the information in the subreddit to cater better to our audience!
Updated after a few hours to include some more historical data the final edit that for some reason wasn't copied properly
Year 2013 2014 2015 2016 2018 Mar 2018 Aug 2019 2020
Results 2013-06-12 2014-06-25 2015-08-07 2016-11-17 2018-03-06 2018-08-20 2019-07-22 2020-10-12
Replies 351 598 1395 892 630 928 986 1428
Without further ado, let's get cracking on the response

You and Cycling

1. Where do you live?

Country 2015 2016 2018 Mar 2018 Aug 2019 2020
USA 32% 28.3% 22.84% 25.32% 20.23% 24.59%
UK 18.6% 17.6% 14.70% 20.13% 15.48% 14.80%
Netherlands 6.4% 9.4% 11.50% 11.58% 10.01% 11.01%
Germany 3.73% 3.4% 4.95% 6.39% 7.84% 6.65%
Denmark 3.9% 3.6% 4.31% 3.79% 7.64% 5.79%
Belgium 3.8% 2.7% 8.15% 3.57% 5.78% 5.36%
France 2.01% 1.08% 2.88% 2.27% 5.26% 3.50%
Canada 4.9% 7% 6.39% 4.22% 4.95% 4.50%
Australia 5.2% 4.7% 3.83% 4.00% 4.33% 3.93%
Slovenia 0.73% 0.32% 1.30% 1.14% 2.14%
Norway 2.58% 1.8% 1.60% 1.95% 2.58% 1.86%
Sweden 1.08% 1.09% 1.44% 1.41% 1.75% 1.43%
Ireland 1.00% 1.09% 1.44% 1.19% 0.72% 1.36%
Portugal 1.65% 1.8% 2.40% 1.52% 1.34% 1.14%
Italy 1.45% 1.44% 0.65% 1.03% 1.07%
Largely the same picture as ever, with the US leading the way, the UK in second and then a sliding scale of Europeans countries. Slovenia continues to pick its way up the pile for obvious reasons!
World Map to demonstrate

2. What's your age?

u17 17-19 20-25 26-30 31-35 36-40 41-50 51+ Total
2015 2.22% 12.04% 41.51% 24.66% 10.68% 4.87% 2.94% 1.08% 1395
2016 1.5% 8.9% 40.8% 24% 12% 5.4% 5.2% 2% 887
2018 Mar 1% 7.1% 33.5% 27.4% 16.2% 7% 5.7% 2.1% 617
2018 Aug 1.7% 9% 33.9% 26.4% 15.5% 7% 5% 1.5% 905
2019 1.5% 6.6% 33.2% 27.5% 16.4% 7.1% 5.8% 2% 972
2020 1.3% 6.8% 31.7% 28% 16.6% 7.2% 5% 2.5% 1420
Pretty much the same as last year, with the usual reddit demographics of majority 20 somethings dominating.

3. What's your gender?

'13 '14 '15 '16 '18 (1) '18 (2) '19 '20
Male 97.2% 97% 94.9% 93.4% 93.3% 93.6% 95.1% 94.9%
Female 2.8% 2.7% 4.8% 5.3% 5.3% 5.4% 3.7% 4.8%
Other - 0.33% 0.29% 0.78% 0.76% - -
Non-Binary - - - - 0.64% 0.99% 1.2% 0.4%
More normality here for reddit.

4. How much of the men's season do you watch/follow?

Type March '18 (%) August '18 (%) 2019 (%) 2020 (%)
Grand Tours 84.7 92.0 90.2 87.3
Monuments 79.1 74.9 79 75.9
WT Stage races 67.4 62.4 70.5 71.7
WT One day races 73.3 59.8 62.3 60.7
Non WT Stage races 32.6 16.7 17.4 25
Non WT One day races 34.8 13.7 17.4 20.7
Literally everything I can consume 35.9 18.1 21.1 27.1
Whilst GT following may be down (somehow), all the lower level stuff is up, which makes sense considering how desperate we have been for any racing during the season shutdown.

5. Do you maintain an interest in women's professional road racing?

Do you maintain an interest in women's professional road racing? '19 '20
Yes 49.8 49.2
No 50.2 50.8
Still very much a half/half interest in women's cycling on the subreddit.

6. How much of the women's season do you follow?

The following is true for the half of you that follows womens cycling.
How Much %
Just the biggest televised events 63.15%
Most of the live televised/delayed coverage stuff 29.08%
All televised racing 5.09%
Down to .Pro & beyond 2.69%

7. How long have you been watching cycling?

How Long %
Under a year 2,95%
1-3 years 19,50%
4-6 years 19,85%
7-9 years 14,10%
10-12 years 13,81%
13-15 years 7,15%
15-20 years 10,73%
20-25 years 6,17%
25 years + 5,75%
Simplified the years a little this time, but whilst we have a fair number of newbies, most people have picked the sport up since around 2013/14.

Sporting Favourites

8. Do you have like/dislike feelings about WT teams?

Once more, 14.4% of people really don't have feelings on the subject.
Of those that do:
AG2R Astana Bahrain Bora CCC Cofidis Quick-Step EF FDJ
Like 352 213 127 770 156 116 847 724 423
Meh 775 620 773 415 889 896 310 448 700
Dislike 52 356 263 31 112 141 71 37 53
Karma 300 -143 -70 739 44 -25 776 677 370
Israel Lotto Michelton Movistar NTT Ineos Jumbo Sunweb Trek UAE
Like 135 364 517 231 101 304 925 279 383 118
Meh 740 764 626 646 931 414 282 805 765 734
Dislike 302 40 52 326 121 562 53 97 42 331
Karma -167 324 465 -95 -20 -258 872 182 341 -213
So, the most popular team this year is Jumbo-Visma, followed by Quick-Step & Bora-hansgrohe. Least popular are Ineos & UAE.
As per usual, no one cares about NTT & CCC, with nearly 81% of users rating NTT as meh. Pretty damning stuff.
Lastly, we have the usual historical comparison of how teams have fared over time, normalised to respondents to that question on the survey.
Things to note then, firstly that the Astana redemption arc is over, seeing them back in the negative, maybe Fulgsangs spring issues helped aid that? The petrodollar teams of UAE & Bahrain are stubbornly negative too, with Israel keeping up the Katusha negative streak. Meanwhile, at the top end, EF & Jumbo go from strength to strength, whilst some others like Sunweb are sliding over time - their transfer policies no doubt helping that.

10. Do you ride a bike regularly?

Answer 2018Mar 2018Aug 2019 2020
For fun 61.5% 63.4% 59.9% 62.9%
For fitness 59.3% 59.6% 54.8% 59.8%
For commuting 46% 46% 45.6% 40%
For racing 20.6% 20.6% 15.9% 17.7%
No, I don't 14.2% 12.9% 14.8% 13.6%
Still a fairly small group of racers out of all of us

11. Out of the sports you practice, is cycling your favourite?

Yes No
58,29% 41,71%
A new addition to the survey prompted by a good point last time, just over half of us rate cycling as the favourite sport we actually do.

12. What other sports do you follow?

Sport #
Association Football / Soccer 50.78%
Formula 1 35.81%
American Football 26.27%
Basketball 22.46%
Track & Field 17.58%
Esports (yes, this includes DotA) 17.30%
Rugby 14.27%
Skiing 14.12%
Ice Hockey 13.63%
Baseball 12.15%
Motorsports (Not including F1) 10.59%
Cricket 10.52%
Tennis 9.53%
Chess 8.97%
Triathlon 8.69%
Biathlon 8.12%
Snooker 7.06%
Golf 6.92%
Swimming 6.85%
Ski Jumping 6.78%
Climbing 5.72%
Martial Arts 5.65%
Handball 5.44%
Darts 5.01%
Speed Skating 5.01%
Football always tops the charts, and Formula 1 continues to rank extremely highly among our userbase. Those who have a little following below 5% include Sailing, Fencing, Surfing, Boxing & Ultra-Running.
Other cycling disciplines
Sport #
Cyclocross 22.10%
Track Cycling 14.34%
MTB 8.97%
BMX 1.20%

13. Out of the sports you follow, is cycling your favourite sport?

Yes No
61.79% 38,21%
Good. Makes sense if you hang out here.

Subreddit stats

14. How often do you participate in a /Peloton Race Thread whilst watching a race?

2015 2016 2018Mar 2018Aug 2019 2020
I always participate in Race Threads during races 2.8% 2% 2.2% 4% 2.5% 3%
I follow Race Threads during races 41.7% 36.7% 38.1% 42.1% 42.5% 38.9%
I often participate in Race Threads during races 16.8% 19% 16.5% 18.9% 15.2% 13%
I rarely/never participate in Race Threads during races 38.7% 41.3% 43.1% 35% 39.8% 45.1%
Slightly less invested than before, reverting back to an older trade.

15. How do you watch Races?

Method 2018Mar 2018Aug 2019 2020
Pirate Streams 62% 46.5% 50.2% 47.9%
Free Local TV 55.7% 64.5% 59.6% 53.9%
Desperately scrabbling for Youtube highlights 37.9% 30.2% 28.2% 24.9%
Paid Streaming services 32.3% 35.4% 38.3% 46.3%
Year on year, paid streaming services go up - the increasing availability of live content legally continues to improve, and so do the numbers on the survey.

16. Where else do you follow races live (in addition to watching them)?

Type 2018Mar 2018Aug 2019 2020
/Peloton race threads 86.2% 83.4% 80.2% 76.9%
Twitter 30.5% 34.7% 33.3% 38.3%
PCS Liveticker - - 30.2% 32%
Official tracker (if available) 24%
The Cyclingnews liveticker 26% 23.5% 21.5% 18.9%
Sporza (site/ticker) 1.89% 9.5% 10.8% 10.8%
NOS Liveblog - 6.8% 7% 9.2%
Steephill 0.52% 13.5% 10.2% 8.2%
/Peloton discord 6.5% 5.4% 7.5% 7.2%
Other cycling forums 15.1% 8.1% 7.6% 7% - 2.2% 5.4% 5.2%
Facebook 3.8% 5.4% 4% 4.2%
BBC Ticker - 3.5% 2.1% 4.1%
DirectVelo - 1.3% 1.6% 1.8%
Non Cycling Forums - 1.3% 1.2% 1.2%
/cyc/ - 1.3% 1% 0.6%
/peloton IRC ~0 0.8% 0.4% 0.5%
The PCS liveticker continues to have a strong following, whilst the cyclingnews ticker slowly slides into less usage over time.

17. Do you use /Peloton mostly in classic reddit or redesign when on the desktop?

Type 2018 Aug 2019 2020
Classic 75.1% 67.2% 46.2%
Redesign 24.9% 32.8% 53.8%
Time to abandon ship. The end has come.

18. With what version of reddit do you browse the sub?

Version 2019 2020
Official App 17.9 31.1
Desktop Classic 37.8 25.8
3rd Party App 18.3 17.2
Mobile Web 12.4 14.7
Desktop Redesign 13.7 11.2
Phone browsing is very much in vogue.

19. How did you find the sub?

How %
Through other forms of reddit, f.e. /bicycling 48.33%
Too long - can't remember 38.65%
Google search 9,11%
My friend told me 2,28%
I wanted to talk about my exercise bike 0.78%
Twitter 0.5%
Lantern Rouge Youtube 0.28%

Other bits and bobs

20. Did you think back in March we would see any more racing this year?

Yes No
52,81% 47,19%
Despite the threat, we have seen racing again

21. Will we manage to fulfill the rest of the UCI calendar without further Covid-19 issues postponing more races?

Yes No
25.3% 74.7%
Sorry to you 25%, Amstel, Roubaix & a bunch of other races have falled foul of COVID-19 related cancellations.

22. When did you become aware of Alexander Foliforov?

When %
Before the 2016 Giro 3,25%
22nd May, 2016 15,55%
On /pelotonmemes in 2020 21,13%
Who? 60,07%
If you didn't know of the man, watching him demolish the Giro field in 2016 on the stage 15 ITT should help to gain understanding

23. Who will win the 2020 Tour de France?

Rider %
Roglic 52,12%
Bernal 16,57%
Pinot 9,24%
Dumoulin 7,9%
N.Quintana 2,82%
Pogacar 1,41%
Richie Porte 0,35%
We can safely say that most of us were wrong about this one.
That's not a lot of confidence in Richie Porte either, the man who was to finish on the third spot of the podium. Alexander Foliforov (0,23%) had just a tiny number of votes less, and that man wasn't even in the race.

24. What for you was the defining cycling moment of the previous decade?

We had a lot of brilliant suggestions, but these were the clear five favourites when we tabulated the results.
Honorable mentions go to the Giro 2018, which had Tom Dumoulin winning, and of almost identical fascination to many of you - Tom Dumoulin going on someones porta-potty in the middle of the stage.
Little bit of recency bias perhaps, but that's better than ignoring that this was for the last decade and firmly insisting Tom Boonens 2005 WC win was the biggest thing. Special shoutout to almost all the Danes present in /peloton who voted for Mads Pedersens WC win last year. It's an understandable reaction.

25. Any suggestions for the Survey?

New Questions
We promise to feature one of these suggestions in the next survey
We will try to implement this. But it will also skew results.
About the Survey
The subscribers are torn on Women's cycling, nearly a 50/50 split there as the survey showed - The moderators at /peloton are firmly in the "more cycling is better" basket, and we will continue to get as good coverage of womens cycling as possible.
Are you trying to give the moderators PTSD? Because this is how you give the moderators PTSD.

26. Any suggestions for the sub?

ALSJFLKAJSLDKJAØLSJKD:M:CSAM)=#/()=#=/")¤=/)! - Your moderator seems to be out of function. Please stand by while we find you a new moderator
The Weekly threads are great for these types of questions, where several people can contribute and build up once it is understood which information is relevant.
Our experience is that "limited" will never be so, if we're going to moderate it fairly. Moderating is not a popularity contest, but believe it or not, we're actually trying to be as fair as possible. and for that, we need rules that are not subjective. Unless you have a stationary exercise bike.
All of these are good suggestions, but remember that all of you can also contribute - The mods are sometimes stretched thin, specially in the middle of hectic race schedules. It's easier if one of you has a way to contact a rider or a person of interest and can facilitate the initial communication.
We've worked on this! The Official Standard is now as follows: [Race Thread] 202x Race Name – Stage X (Class)
This sounds as a nice community project for the after-season, and hopefully many of you subscribers can contribute.
Come with suggestions on how to tidy it up!
We have chastised all the mods. They are now perfectly trained in gender-neutral pronouns. Be well, fellow being.
If we can implement this for hard liquor, you know we will.
The spoiler rule is one that is discussed frequently - in general - some users absolutely hate it, but a majority love it. Perhaps we'll include a question in the next survey to see how this divide is exactly.
We actually do - whenever there is a matter of life or death, we think public information is more important than a spoiler rule. But at the same time, we try to collect all the different posts into one main thread, so to keep things focused and letting very speculative posts meet with hard evidence from other sources.
This is a tough ask of the internet. While we can agree that voting should be done accordingly to what insights they bring, not subjective opinions, it is very hard to turn that type of thinking around. We can ask of you, our subscribers, that you please think twice about hitting that downvote button, and only do so because of you think a post is factually incorrect, not because it differs with your own subjective opinion.
That's the primary analysis of the survey! Feel free to contribute with how you experience things here!
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36 questions I have for the trans cult

This is a letter I'm writing up, and once I have it all finalized I'm sending it straight to the High Tranny of Transgenderism. Is there anything I'm missing?
1) What’s the difference between trans-women & men? Is it significant, or are they as obviously identical as I think they are?
2) What are the similarities between trans-women & women? Are they significant, or are they as clearly from different species as I think they are?
3) If you were to tally up the differences & similarities (first comparing trans-women to men, then to women) where would most of the differences lie, & why are they between trans women and real women?
4) Define woman in a way I like. This is a directive and not a question, but it's still fitting.
5) The dictionary defines woman thusly: (noun) 1a: an adult female person
b: a woman belonging to a particular category (as by birth, residence, membership, or occupation) —usually used in combination councilwoman
3: distinctively feminine nature : WOMANLINESS
4: a woman who is a servant or personal attendant
5ac hiefly dialectal : WIFE
c: GIRLFRIEND sense 2
6: a woman who is extremely fond of or devoted to something specified
I'm a chocolate woman through and through, but one bite of West's banana pudding cupcake and I was sold. — Hattie Brown Garrow
6) Is a trans-woman male of female, or female of male? Am I speaking English?
7) Is the fully functional male body of a trans-woman simply a birth defect of a female one, or am I not really understanding this whole subject?
8) Is being transgender part of a mental or physical condition? Is it like, actually real, or can I just ignore it if I don't like the idea of it?
9) “Trans-women are women”, is an extraordinary claim, because just freaking look at them. Man handed freaks. This isn't a question
10) Is the statement: “trans-women are men” an extraordinary claim? Would the evidence need to be extraordinary, or is it pretty self-evident as I'm trying to imply without explicitly saying?
11) Trans-women are male – true or transphobic?
12) Is referring to trans-women as biologically male, true, or both true and transphobic?
13) The social majority within the trans movement are gender-conforming, binary trans-women, therefore the trans movement is androcentric – true or transphobic? No, I won't tell you how I came to this conclusion.
14) Michael Jackson was trans white – true or transphobic?
15) Is gynaecology transphobic? What if you spell it gynecology?
16) Is same-sex attraction transphobic, or am I not really understanding the whole thing?
17) Do women’s sports exist because of sex differences between men & women, or because of a “strong, internal sense of self”? I'm not providing a third option for the people who want to answer accurately, it must be one of those two choices.
18) Is a person’s sex or gender more relevant when it comes to women’s prisons?
19) A mother & her 13 year old son are trying to escape an abusive spouse/father. The women’s shelter won’t allow her son in, because even allowing a vulnerable, underage male in the shelter could pose a threat to the women in the shelter, which would defeat the purpose of the shelter. Was this decision reached on the grounds of the boy’s sex, or his “inner sense of self”, which also aligned with his sex in this example?
20) Sex matters more than gender sometimes – inconvenient truth, or “unscientific hate speech”?
21) Is ‘gender’ short for ‘gender identity’ or ‘gender roles’? I don't believe it's a term in and of itself, so don't @ me with that nonsense.
22) Is the feminist tenet “gender is a social construct”, true, or transphobic?
23) A flamboyant gay man may sustain injury, even fatal injury, if he is placed in a facility with other men. Is not allowing the gay man into the women’s facility homophobic? He never asked by the way, just checking.
24) A shelter for battered women is made to protect women from men. A man needs protecting. Is this just question 23 reworded slightly?
25) You & you’re friend find a fox on the run from hunters. You suggest allowing the poor animal into the chicken coup, where it’ll find safety. You’re friend explains that you’d be better off finding a solution that doesn’t endanger the chickens. Is your friend a transphobic bitch? Is this just concentrated stupid? Do I know what your to use in sentences?
26) Do pink brains & blue brains exist? If yes, can we determine the true gender of non-binary people by looking at their brains? I have a scalpel and a flashlight ready to start testing my neighbors,
27) Are women actually cisgender though? Like, you know I don't want that to be a word, right?
28) Which one of the following is transphobic: always assume a trans person’s pronouns based on appearance, or never assume, instead always ask?
29) Human beings reproduce sexually via females supplying eggs & males fertiliser – true or transphobic? Males fertiliser, by the way, on sale at Kroger right now, so this one is time sensitive.
30) Sex is a binary – true, transphobic, or off topic? Like the other questions, there is no false option because it's obviously true.
31) Even if the following is not your opinion, is it misogynistic to say that there is a worrying rise in boob jobs, despite them making people with dysmorphia feel better? This is on topic even if the last question was not.
32) There is a worrying rise in people with dysphoria seeking hormonal & surgical intervention. Is that a fair opinion voicing a legitimate concern, or hate speech? I won't tell you who's worried (it's me).
33) (((The West))) has very proudly declared that African-style surgical intervention of the genitals is a form of mutilation & should be banned on those grounds. However, our own culture also has insidious practices that match the definition of genital mutilation. Circumcision is mutilation – true or anti-semitic? Surgical removal of the glans of intersex people mistaken for girls is mutilation – true or anti-normalisation? Vaginoplasties are mutilation – true or misogynistic? This especially applies to cis women BTW. SRS is mutilation – true, or transphobic? This entire question is racist insanity - true, or (((pancakes)))?
34) Are trans-friendly cultures that group trans-women with gay men, as opposed to with cis women, primitive, & engaging in a transphobic practice, or is there any chance at all that our own culture isn’t superior to theirs & could actually learn from theirs in this case? That is, are trans women actually just men?
35) Anti-androgens increase risk of cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, liver damage, kidney damage, anemia, depression & sexual dysfunction – true or transphobic?
36) Wat is "trans man", some kind of yogurt flavor?
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2019 /r/Peloton Pre-TDF Survey Results!

Here we are with some results from the Pre-TDF Survey!
Sorry for the delay, I realise that this is a bit too long of a wait and we could possibly have gone into more depth in places but rest day is the best day for this.
Year 2013 2014 2015 2016 2018 Mar 2018 Aug 2019
Results 2013-06-12 2014-06-25 2015-08-07 2016-11-17 2018-03-06 2018-08-20 2019-07-22
Replies 351 598 1395 892 630 928 986
Slightly more respondents than last year, though dwarfed by 2015 again.

Top 15 Countries

Country 2015 2016 2018 Mar 2018 Aug 2019
USA 32% 28.3% 22.84% 25.32% 20.23%
UK 18.6% 17.6% 14.70% 20.13% 15.48%
Netherlands 6.4% 9.4% 11.50% 11.58% 10.01%
Germany 3.73% 3.4% 4.95% 6.39% 7.84%
Denmark 3.9% 3.6% 4.31% 3.79% 7.64%
Belgium 3.8% 2.7% 8.15% 3.57% 5.78%
France 2.01% 1.08% 2.88% 2.27% 5.26%
Canada 4.9% 7% 6.39% 4.22% 4.95%
Australia 5.2% 4.7% 3.83% 4.00% 4.33%
Norway 2.58% 1.8% 1.60% 1.95% 2.58%
Sweden 1.08% 1.09% 1.44% 1.41% 1.75%
Portugal 1.65% 1.8% 2.40% 1.52% 1.34%
Slovenia 0.73% 0.32% 1.30% 1.14%
Austria 0.18% 0.96% 0.65% 1.03%
Italy 1.45% 1.44% 0.65% 1.03%
No major surprises at the top of the list, with the USA & UK still dominating. But down almost 10% betwen them on last year, whilst the influence of Bora's German superstars helps them out, and Fuglsang's scintillating year lifts the number of Danes.
Worth noting that whilst some major European countries get a look in, Spanish representation is dreadful, with just six users or 0.62% claiming to be from the host nation of four WT races.

What's your age?

u17 17-19 20-25 26-30 31-35 36-40 41-50 51+ Total
2015 2.22% 12.04% 41.51% 24.66% 10.68% 4.87% 2.94% 1.08% 1395
2016 1.5% 8.9% 40.8% 24% 12% 5.4% 5.2% 2% 887
2018 Mar 1% 7.1% 33.5% 27.4% 16.2% 7% 5.7% 2.1% 617
2018 Aug 1.7% 9% 33.9% 26.4% 15.5% 7% 5% 1.5% 905
2019 1.5% 6.6% 33.2% 27.5% 16.4% 7.1% 5.8% 2% 972
Year on year it's as you'd expect for Reddit demographics as a whole, with slightly fewer teenagers around and a few more people over 30.

What's your Gender?

'13 '14 '15 '16 '18 (1) '18 (2) '19
Male 97.2% 97% 94.9% 93.4% 93.3% 93.6% 95.1%
Female 2.8% 2.7% 4.8% 5.3% 5.3% 5.4% 3.7%
Other - 0.33% 0.29% 0.78% 0.76% - -
Non-Binary - - - - 0.64% 0.99% 1.2%
More generic reddit samples, with a mostly male contingent and very few women in comparison.

How much of the season do you watch/follow?

Type March '18 (%) August '18 (%) 2019 (%)
Grand Tours 84.7 92.0 90.2
Monuments 79.1 74.9 79
WT Stage races 67.4 62.4 70.5
WT One day races 73.3 59.8 62.3
Non WT Stage races 32.6 16.7 17.4
Non WT One day races 34.8 13.7 17.4
Literally everything I can consume 35.9 18.1 21.1
The results for GTs & monuments are pretty stable no matter what part of the year we poll this, but after that it varies depending on spring and summer. Far more spring viewers are inclined to watch Le Samyn and other glorious 1.1 races than the ones who tune in in the summertime, though that number is ticking up, probably because race coverage is getting more and more accesible.

How long have you been watching Cycling?

Time (years) under a year 1 -2 2 - 3 3 - 4 4 - 5 5 - 6 6-7 7 -8 8 - 9 9 - 10 10 - 11 11 - 12 12 -13 13 - 14 14 - 15 15 - 20 20 - 25 25 +
'18 March (%) 4 10.5 12.6 9.6 8.1 8.9 - 6.9 4.8 - 6.2 2.2 1.8 0.8 4.5 10.7 4.9 3.5
'18 August (%) 4 10 13.2 9.9 7.7 8.3 5 4.6 2.7 5.4 3.2 2.2 1.8 1.9 1.8 9.5 5 3.8
'19 (%) 1.3 8.2 10.7 9.1 8.1 6.4 5.5 4.9 2.7 6 4.7 1.8 1.8 1.8 3.9 10.6 7 5.4
Time (years) 0-5 5-11 11-15 15 & more
'18 Mar 44.8% 26.8% 9.3% 19.1%
'18 Aug 44.8% 29.2% 7.7% 18.3%
'19 37.4% 30.2% 3.9% 23%
Lots of viewers have been watching for a while now, having switched into 15 years plus bucket, or post 2004.
These age brackets will change next quiz as suggested!

Section 2

Which teams do you like or not like?

14.5% of people don't really care for any team in particular. Of those that do, the results are:
AG2R Astana Bahrain Bora CCC DDD EF FDJ Ineos
Like 314 226 76 482 89 114 504 210 205
Meh 467 393 468 310 626 489 305 532 272
Dislike 24 198 256 28 73 188 29 54 371
Karma 290 28 -180 454 16 -74 475 156 -166
Katusha Lotto Soudal Movistar Mitchelton Quick Step Sunweb Trek Jumbo-Visma UAE
Like 66 229 215 394 490 360 189 415 56
Meh 507 526 448 381 283 407 549 374 449
Dislike 221 52 152 39 54 47 51 20 292
Karma -155 197 163 355 436 313 138 395 -236
So then, the most popular team from this year's survey is EF Education First, followed by Bora-hansgrohe & Quick-Step. Least popular are UAE and Bahrain, the two petrodollar fuelled teams.
Oh and no one cares about CCC. I've illustrate that with this particular graph, and it also shows Ineos are the most polarising team in the bunch. Who'd have guessed.
For a historical comparison, here are the normalised results of every time we've conducted this kind of question over time
What you'll notice is that the usual suspects are still negative: Ineos, Bahrain, Katusha & UAE. They've been joined by the woeful Dimension Data Team, and in stunning fashion Astana have finally escaped the negative karma ranks after years and pop up in the positives.
At the other end of the scale, EF Education First are up in popularity despite less US respondents, so it seems like they've picked up a worldwide audience. Otherwise most teams have slightly regressed towards the mean.

Do you ride a bike regularly?

Answer 2018Mar 2018Aug 2019
For fun 61.5% 63.4% 59.9%
For fitness 59.3% 59.6% 54.8%
For commuting 46% 46% 45.6%
For racing 20.6% 20.6% 15.9%
No, I don't 14.2% 12.9% 14.8%
Fewer of us are bike riders, and less than one in six of us are racers.

Is Cycling your favourite sport?

2015 2016 2018Mar 2018Aug 2019
No 40.7% 34.7% 30.6% 39.7% 38.5%
Yes 59.3% 65.3% 69.4% 60.3% 61.5%
Usual themes of more casual fans in summer than spring.

What other sports do you follow?

Sport #
I don't follow other sports 7.27%
Association Football / Soccer 53.33%
Formula 1 26.82%
American Football 23.03%
Basketball 20.78%
Esports (yes, this includes DotA) 18.42%
Skiing 12.90%
Ice Hockey 12.59%
Track & Field 12.28%
Rugby 12.18%
Tennis 11.46%
Baseball 11.05%
Motorsports (Not including F1) 10.34%
Cricket 9.72%
Biathlon 7.88%
Chess 6.86%
Climbing 6.55%
Snooker 6.04%
Golf 5.94%
Triathlon 5.53%
Boxing 5.02%
Handball 5.02%
Many, many others <5%
Notably others include swimming, Speed Skating, Martial Arts, Darts & Ski Jumping that were all above 3%
As per usual, Soccer is top of the tree, with just over half of all respondents following it. Otherwise Formula 1 is next up, followed by American Football. Esports is in the top five, whilst lower down Ski Jumping has a small following and Jousting is just for the one person.
Other cycling disciplines
Type #
Cyclocross 19.96%
Track Cycling 13.20%
MTB 8.70%
BMX 1.23%
As for other cycling disciplines, /Cyclocross leads /Velodrome as usual.

Section 3

How often do you participate in a /Peloton Race Thread whilst watching a race?
2015 2016 2018Mar 2018Aug 2019
I always participate in Race Threads during races 2.8% 2% 2.2% 4% 2.5%
I follow Race Threads during races 41.7% 36.7% 38.1% 42.1% 42.5%
I often participate in Race Threads during races 16.8% 19% 16.5% 18.9% 15.2%
I rarely/never participate in Race Threads during races 38.7% 41.3% 43.1% 35% 39.8%
More or less the same numbers as usual, reverting to the norm after the very invested 2018 Summer crowd.

How do you watch races?

Method 2018Mar 2018Aug 2019
Pirate Streams 62% 46.5% 50.2%
Local TV 55.7% 64.5% 59.6%
Desperately scrabbling for Youtube highlights 37.9% 30.2% 28.2%
Paid Streaming services 32.3% 35.4% 38.3%
Pirate streams more or less level with last year, and paid streaming services now up to nearly 40% of the sub base, the main grower over time as it is easier and easier to get coverage. In most countries at least.

Where do you follow races (in addition to watching them)?

Type 2018Mar 2018Aug 2019
/Peloton race threads 86.2% 83.4% 80.2%
Twitter 30.5% 34.7% 33.3%
PCS Liveticker - - 30.2%
The Cyclingnews liveticker 26% 23.5% 21.5%
Sporza (site/ticker) 1.89% 9.5% 10.8%
Steephill 0.52% 13.5% 10.2%
Other cycling forums 15.1% 8.1% 7.6%
/Peloton discord 6.5% 5.4% 7.5%
NOS Liveblog - 6.8% 7% - 2.2% 5.4%
Facebook 3.8% 5.4% 4%
BBC Ticker - 3.5% 2.1%
DirectVelo - 1.3% 1.6%
Non Cycling Forums - 1.3% 1.2%
/cyc/ - 1.3% 1%
/peloton IRC ~0 0.8% 0.4%
The new big kid on the block is the PCS live ticker which they introduced this year, and since its introduction it has become an exceptionally handy resource especially for following ITTs live.

Do you use /Peloton mostly in classic reddit or redesign when on the desktop?

Type 2018 Aug 2019
Classic 75.1% 67.2%
Redesign 24.9% 32.8%
Fear it. Run from it. Reddit is embracing redesign.

With what version of reddit do you browse the sub mostly?

Version %
Desktop Classic 37.8
3rd Party App 18.3
Official App 17.9
Desktop Redesign 13.7
Mobile Web 12.4
Most of us use the Classic browser, but next best is third party apps like Reddit is Fun, Relay and so on.

How did you find the sub?

How did you find the sub? %
Honestly it has been so long I don't remember 41.2
Reddit Search 29.7
Linked in another thread on another sub 14.1
Google Search 10.2
My mate/friend/enemy told me 2.9
Short of memory issues, incredibly most people found the sub via reddit search of all things.
And at least two people really, really wanted to talk about their exercise bike. And one person from 4chan.

How much racing do you think the sub should automatically cover in terms of race & results threads (obviously can cover more if there's interest on the day in the race)? Bear in mind that next year the UCI will roll some (but not all) .HC & .1 events into a new "Pro Series" that exists below the WT.

Type of racing %
Just WT 9.1
WT & HC 14.7
WT, HC & important .1 39.4
All televised racing 34.9
I think it's fair to say that it's a toss up between everything and most of the important races of the season, .1 and up. By automatic the idea was to mean stuff we'll make race threads for, anyone is always welcome to make a race thread if the race deserves it in your opinion (if it's a UCI one anyway).
Next year the ProSeries will change the make up of racing anyway!

Section 4

This survey we picked up on feedback and decided to poll women's racing with a variety of questions!
First up:
Do you maintain an interest in women's professional road racing? %
Yes 49.8
No 50.2
Nice and split down the middle. Next up:
If (big if here) Women's World Tour racing received at least the level of broadcast time that you'd expect out of the men's WT, would you watch it? %
Yes 51.4
No 30.6
Unsure without viewing said productions 18
Women's cycling suffers from broadcasting issues, with many of the WWT races nor even televised, including the biggest one of the year, the Giro Rosa. Happily that will change next year with the new reforms being installed, but being able to actually watch the damn thing is part of the hurdle of following the women's calendar.

Do you think the UCI is doing the right thing for the women's side of the sport, in regards to steps taken regarding minimum wages and the creation of WorldTeams starting next year?

So next year the whole sport is getting rewritten by the UCI, and a good chunk of that is on the women's side. There will be minimum wages for the new WorldTeams, mandatory broadcasting for WT races, as well as employee rights like sick day, maternity leave, and a prize money going up. Our thoughts on the subject were:
Is the UCI doing the right thing? %
Yes 41.6
No 10.2
I don't follow UCI press releases 48.1
So yes, the UCI is doing better, but most people are not aware of what they are doing to make it better. Hopefully this survey made it more obvious what changes are afoot.
Lastly, we had more of a wide ranging question on how women's cycling is treated on the sub. Obviously since it was an open form answer, there's no specific feedback but most people seem to think we should keep it here, and that we generally do enough for the sport. It's just that user participation is somewhat lower than mens and it is fairly obvious. Also it seems that a lot of you have missed the Womens Reddit Fantasy League (WRFL) that is run for all WWT races, so rest assured the fantasy side does exist.
Having read every single bit of feedback there's some good ideas in there regarding a content filter for womens cycling and other things we will try to work on so thanks for that!
Over time with the reforms, televised races and so on the interest should likely trend upwards. We shall see!

Section 5

Do you think the reworking of the invite system in 2020 is a good thing or not?

So next year the UCI is redoing the very structure of professional cycling, by changing the classifications of races in a new hierarchy & redoing the invite system entirely. How it essentially works is that the top two PCT teams from the previous year get automatic invites to every single WT event, and sometimes the top three. The usual wildcard invite system is partially gone, that means for the GTs only two invites can be offered. Teams can deny these mandatory invitations of course but only then can the race organiser offer that slot to another team.
Is it a good thing? %
Yes 22.5
No 19.3
I'm not entirely sure who Gianni Savio is and why he is mad 58.2
Outside of the 58% of people who unacquainted with the man/legend hybrid who produces a stream of riders for big WT teams after grounding them at Androni, we're kind of split on the subject, and it's easy to see why. It does streamline the process by making it so that there is essentially a season long reward for PCT teams in terms of sought after GT invites or monument invites.
However, for a system that has forever relied on wildcard organiser invites it will restrict some teams from ever seeing these races again potentially. One of the classic Italian teams Nippo Vini Fantini has already announced it is folding next season, and you can see why the lower achieving teams might look worriedly at this reform.

Who will win the 2019 TDF?

Here's a good one. Two weeks into the race and what did we think beforehand?
And the winner is: %
Egan Bernal 28.4
Geraint Thomas 16.4
Jakob Fuglsang 12.2
Thibault Pinot 7.3
Romain Bardet 6.5
Nairo Quintana 5.3
Adam Yates 4.4
Steven Kruijswijk 3.8
Rigoberto Uran 2.9
Vincenzo Nibali 2.2
Dan Martin 1.3
Alejandro Valverde 1.1
Mikel Landa 1
Emmanuel Buchmann 0.7
Bernal was the clear fan favourite, and not a single person mentioned Alaphilippe for the overall.
And that's it for multiple choice questions. There was a huge amount of feedback on the women's longform question which we covered earlier but it had over 300 responses from simply yes to longer answers so thank you for that.
There wasn't nearly as much feedback on the more general end of survey questions so we'll briefly cover a couple of responses here. Whoever the poster is that asked about content filters you will be happy to know they've been implemented in redesign & classic reddit using some changes to the flairing of threads and how automod works. Though redesign has a slightly fancier format currently, both options now live in the sidebar. Also to the user who asked about Velogames flairs, we have them! Just that one user continually hoards them (you know who you are). And to the person who wrote "Free Talk Friday?", we do have one, every Friday.
Also for the more technical question on thread collections, unfortunately it's a feature of new reddit, and whilst we were trialling it during the Tour de Suisse, the fact it takes up half the page is not ideal, and the size is not adjustable... which means that commenting is a pain. Still thing it's a good idea though.
Lastly it's very clear that HerHor is the loved one of this sub though unfortunately we do not have infinite money to give him infinite gold as one user suggested.
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2018 /r/Peloton Spring Demographics Survey Results

Here we are with some results! The survey was left open for nine days, and don't worry if you missed out, we'll run it again just after the Tour in the more usual survey position in order to gather the maximum number of responses. Although we can see that there were over 1000 unique viewers to the thread, with only 630 responses. Better off next time!
Year Replies
2018 (results 6/3) 630
2016 (results 17/11) 892
2015 (results 7/8) 1395
2014 (results 25/6) 598
2013 (results 12/6) 351

Top 15 Countries

Country 2015 2016 2018
USA 32% 28.3% 22.84%
UK 18.6% 17.6% 14.70%
Netherlands 6.4% 9.4% 11.50%
Belgium 3.8% 2.7% 8.15%
Canada 4.9% 7% 6.39%
Germany 3.73% 3.4% 4.95%
Denmark 3.9% 3.6% 4.31%
Australia 5.2% 4.7% 3.83%
France 2.01% 1.08% 2.88%
Portugal 1.65% 1.8% 2.40%
Norway 2.58% 1.8% 1.60%
Ireland - - 1.44%
Italy - 1.5% 1.44%
Sweden - - 1.44%
Finland - 1% 1.12%
What can we see? First off, despite Americans forming the largest contingent they seem decidedly less keen to watch the spring classics. Meanwhile, the hosts of the classics, Belgium & The Netherlands, see jumps in userbase indicative of the fact this is the part of the season they really want to watch. Elsewhere, the top 15 is broadly formed of the same nations as ever, with Ireland and Sweden jumping up this time.

What's your age?

<16 17-19 20-25 26-30 31-35 36-40 41-50 51+ Total
2015 2,22% 12,04% 41,51% 24,66% 10,68% 4,87% 2,94% 1,08% 1395
2016 1,5% 8,9% 40,8% 24% 12% 5,4% 5,2% 2% 887
2018 1% 7.1% 33.5% 27.4% 16.2% 7% 5.7% 2.1% 617
At this point a reasonable image is emerging, that of a more broadly European base who have been watching cycling for a little bit longer. Still as ever on Reddit 20-25 dominates, but under 20 dips under 10% whilst over 30 is 31%, nearly a third of users who falling outside that classic twenties bracket.

What's your Gender?

Gender %
Male 93.1%
Female 5.3%
Other 1%
Non-Binary 0.6%
"Other" includes variety such as "helicopter" and "Tre-cime-y boi" this time. Still no sign of that martian though.

How much of the season do you watch/follow?

Type Votes (%)
Grand Tours 84.7
Monuments 79.1
WT Stage races 67.4
WT One day races 73.3
Non WT Stage races 32.6
Non WT One day races 34.8
Literally everything I can consume 35.9
Apparently not everyone watches the Grand Tours here, which is... understandable. One day races are slightly more popular than stage races, the finale of last year's captivating eighth stage of Paris-Nice reached a paltry 155 comments in the race thread, whilst last years Omloop race thread got to 557 comments.
There's a dip too once you move away from WT to no-WT, the sometimes tricky nature of viewing, generally poorer startlists and less hype leading to the watching population cut in half. Though for just over a third of us, it doesn't matter if the coverage is in Argentinian and ovverun by dance tracks, if it's on we'll watch it.

How long have you been watching Cycling?

Time (years) < a year 1 -2 2 - 3 3 - 4 4 - 5 5 - 6 7 -8 8 - 9 9 - 10 10 - 11 11 - 12 12 -13 13 - 14 14 - 15 15 - 20 20 - 25 25 +
Pecentage (%) 4 10.5 12.6 9.6 8.1 8.9 6.9 4.8 6.2 6.2 2.2 1.8 0.8 4.5 10.7 4.9 3.5
From this there's a couple of conclusions we can draw. Just over a quarter (27.1%) have picked up cycling in the last three years, or in the aftermath of Nibali's Tour win. 44.8% of us have started watching since Froome first won in 2013, and just over a third of us have been watching longer than the current decade, although nearly one in five (19.1%) remember watching Pantani live.
Although oddly enough almost no one picked it up in 2004/5.

Section 2

Which teams do you like or not like?

This one is sorted by karma, which is simply the number of likes minus the number of dislikes. The 2015 answers come first and are highlighted with 2015, then the 2016 answers with 2016 and then the answers from this survey are highlight with 2018. Hopefully this will give a feel of the changing image of some of the teams in the peloton.
Team Like2015 Dislike2015 Karma2015 Like2016 Dislike2016 Karma2016 Like2018 Dislike2018 Karma2018
AG2R La Mondiale 15 8 7 160 36 124 344 41 303
Astana Pro Team 15 404 -389 69 412 -343 147 262 -115
Bahrain-Merida 14 199 -185 109 234 -125
BMC Racing Team 76 10 66 247 41 206 323 79 244
Bora Hansgrohe 185 8 177 400 31 369
Team Dimension Data 376 25 351 333 83 250
FDJ-Groupama 15 22 -7 120 48 72 252 100 152
Lotto-Soudal 26 2 24 160 9 151 330 43 287
Movistar 65 22 42 221 98 123 264 139 125
Orica-GreenEDGE 210 2 208 571 15 556 348 69 279
Team EF Education First-Drapac p/b Cannondale (nee-Cannondale-Garmin) 63 9 54 194 63 131 313 75 237
Team Sunweb (nee-Giant-Alpecin) 33 4 29 160 12 148 372 55 317
Team Katusha 10 23 -13 60 161 -101 171 175 -4
Team LottoNL-Jumbo 53 8 45 209 26 183 295 71 224
Team Sky 202 205 -3 310 259 51 158 313 -155
Quick-Step Floors (nee-Etixx-Quick) Step 100 13 87 371 43 328 394 47 347
Trek-Segafredo (nee-Trek Factory Racing) 18 14 4 198 23 175 280 61 219
UAE-Team Emirates (nee-Lampre-Merida) 8 28 -20 43 71 -28 112 237 -125
Here's a chart, plus a normalised version based on the relative number of voters (thanks vogelpoep for pointing out non normalised data is useless) which will probably make it easier to see what has changed over the years, using the three letter team codes for identification.
The presence of the triple world champion Peter Sagan boosts Bora above Michelton-Scott into first, who are probably suffering because no one is currently shoving cameras in their riders faces and putting it on YouTube. Elsewhere, Quick-Step are only just short of winning another thing and Sunweb ride the Dumoulin train to third.
At the other end of the scales, Katusha narrowly slip into the negatives, though it's been a few years since they were the bogeymen of the sport. Next on the evil list is Astana, although they've stopped having riders banned since that since that positively entertaining autumn of 2014 which seems to be slowly fading out of people's memory. After Astana it's the teams with the Middle-Eastern oil oligarchy routes, UAE & Bahrain, and then the winner of the previous two Grand Tours, the most /peloton clickbait articles and the worst zero tolerance policy known to man, Sky, are the least liked team of them all.

Do you ride a bike regularly?

Answer 2016 2018
For fun 25% 61.5%
For fitness 25,6% 59.3%
For commuting 18% 46%
For racing 16,5% 20.6%
No, I don't 12,4% 14.2%
A healthy number of us are racers, and nearly as many of us wouldn't dream of swinging two legs over the darn thing. A change to checkboxes this time over multiple choice explains the percentage change.

Is Cycling your favourite sport?

2015 2016 2018
No 40,7% 34,7% 30.6%
Yes 59,3% 65,3% 69.4%
That spring audience shines through once more in their combined adulation of cycling.

What other sports do you follow?

Type Votes
Association Soccer 292
American Football 134
Basketball 97
Esports 96
Motorsports 94
Ice Hockey 89
Tennis 86
Skiing 80
Rugby 73
Other 65
I Don't Follow Other Sports 64
Track & Field 63
Baseball 55
Cricket 53
Speed Skating 52
Swimming 28
Golf 26
Martial Arts 22
Handball 21
Boxing 20
Wrestling 14
Aussie Football 13
Field Hockey 11
Snooker 6
Volleyball 5
Lacrosse 4
Triathlon 3
Biathlon 2
Darts 2
Badminton 2
Climbing 2
Equestrian 1
Draughts 1
Futsal 1
Curling 1
Shorttrack speedskating 1
Dota 1
Bowling 1
Canadian Football 1
Gaelic games 1
Other cycling disciplines
Type Votes
Cyclocross 164
Track Cycling 114
MTB 49
Both the Euro & American versions of football dominate, although it's fair to say Cyclocross & Track Cycling both get a decent following too. Otherwise, a significant jump in popularity for Esports over the past two years is the noticeable change in the tables.

Section 3

How often do you participate in a /Peloton Race Thread whilst watching a race? 2015 2016 2018
I always participate in Race Threads during races 2,8% 2% 2.2%
I follow Race Threads during races 41,7% 36,7% 38.1%
I often participate in Race Threads during races 16,8% 19% 16.5
I rarely/never participate in Race Threads during races 38,7% 41,25% 43.1%
We get it, not everyone wants to be the only commenter on GP Industria & Artigianato. It's a tough old job sometimes. You did miss talking about Mohoric doing his pedalling on the top tube mind.

How do you watch races?

Type Votes (%)
Pirate Streams 62%
Local TV 55.7%
Desperately scrabbling for Youtube highlights 37.9%
Paid Streaming services 32.3%
Eurosport might cover more options than ever (except in Germany, sorry Germans), but pirate streaming is still the way to go for a lot of our subs, although some fan favourites have been lost over the past couple of years like cyclinghub & procyclinglive, it still has traction through Tiz, Steephill & even on Youtube.

Where do you follow races (in addition to watching them)?

Type Votes (%)
/Peloton race threads 86.2%
Twitter 30.5%
The Cyclingnews liveticker 26%
Other cycling forums 15.1%
/Peloton discord 6.5%
Facebook 3.8%
Sporza 1.89%
Instagram 0.69%
Steephill 0.52%
This one was initally above the other question so there were a few answers of TV before it was edited for clarity. Otherwise, there were shoutouts to /cyc/, Direct Velo, some non-cycling specific forums and even one soul manning the /peloton IRC.

Have you ever used any of the wiki content?

Type Votes (%)
Yes 24.5
No 37.1
What's the Wiki? 38.4
A resounding victory for reddit's designers and a sudden death for the_77.
It's here if you're curious.

Section 4

Where do you stand on race motos?

Answer Votes (%)
Reduce the number for rider safety 45.1
The number is okay but driver training must be improved 52.4
Behind the driver with a camera on your shoulder 10.8
Salient once again this past weekend at Strade Bianche were the race motos. Some conflicting thoughts on them as ever, and there's a couple of ideas on what form of change is needed. Although as pointed out in the other answers some people think it's fine and one individual really wishes Arsenal would fire Wenger already. Some of the other answers were:
Drones More motos for more images Organisers live moto coverage only within the peloton, Police motos to pass peloton with assistance Get rid of press & VIP motos, try to make them electrically powered Stop allowing riders to draft 

Is Carlton Kirby?

Answer Votes (%)
Joy for cycling fans globally? 33.1
Worse than nails on a chalkboard 16.2
I don't watch Eurosport UK & don't care 50.8
For the poor souls who don't get Renaat/local equivalent and are forced to listen to Eurosport Kirby is a fact of life. A welcome one on average it seems.

The season starts?

Answer Votes (%)
When the break summits the Leberg to start the climbing in Omloop Het Nieuwsblad 55.9
In January 44.1
And finally, /peloton has decided the season properly starts at Omloop, not in places where it's so hot people moan about it to reporters. Although one kind soul pointed out that in actual fact:
The season starts when the first riders hits the first cobbles on Haaghoek, prior to Leberg.
And that's that. Thank you for all your survey suggestions, including the option to add "meh" to the like/dislike team column, which will be implemented next time, as well as probably having a slightly more slidey scale of love -> hate with like & dislike in there too. That person who has especially neutral feelings on Trek-Segafredo will be rewarded. Plus by the time we roll around to post-Tour it'll be high time to add a "When does the season end?" question in.
And thank you too for the sub feedback, which once again included "WENGER OUT" among the list of responses. We'll work on that one ASAP.
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Democratic Brexit – how it should (have) be(en) done

So, here's my take on a Brexit solution:
So there was a referendum. Following up a referendum with an equal referendum until a desired outcome plays out reeks of undemocratic practice, so I find it fair to exclude that way out of the problem.
The referendum, however, had its problem – one clear answer that promised nothing different, and another that promised a whole range of possible paths – a range which was not represented by the binary form of the referendum. No plan was shown to the people. If the people don't have access to a plan, then they are voting blind, and such an exercise cannot be democratic. The people picked between two answers but couldn't give answers themselves.
The main advantage of representative democracy, in my eye, is negotiating power. A leader can negotiate. A party can negotiate. There is no known practical way for the masses to negotiate if no coherent interest can be established.
Parties, then, ought to draw coherent plans they can present to the people that can then be voted and carried out by the government – this is essentially one of the cornerstones of how a parliament ought to work. Now, how could this be combined with the democratic aspect of the referendum form?
Well, I believe the more sound dillemma to the brexit chaos would be for parliament and the government to form commissions that elaborate specific Brexit solutions in the form of sets of legislation that upon approval would lead to a clear path, then submit them to a vote using a preferential system. For plan to enter this second-but-different referendum, it could either be: 1) directly proposed by the government 2) be put forward by a parliamentary commission of more than 15% of MP's in the House of Commons. These commissions would be able to pre-negotiate with the EU directly so as to obtain the guarantee that their solution could be directly applied on approval.
Imagine that out of this process the following referendum were to come out:
What path is the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland to take regarding the European Union:
a) Remaining in the EU
b) <insert whatever the Tories mean by Hard Brexit>
c) A Corbyn-ish Brexit: stay in the EEA, commit to EU health&safety regulations, leave the European common foreign policy under such and such conditions [which the EU would have given the green light to]
d) Nominal brexit – remain in all but name
e) some sort of brexit served softer than maggie thatcher's ice cream
Note: I believe the good people at Westminster would much exceed the eloquence of options a) through e), I for one cannot guess what they would go with, but I would argue that it represents broadly the range of positions to take
An eventual Brexit in the case would mean something other than Brexit means Brexit means Brexit means Brexit, but rather, an actual clearly legislated exit plan, previously validated by the EU, the consequences of which the public would be fully aware of upon having voted on it.
Remaining would then be seen not as a resignation from the UK government but rather as a democratic means of normalisation, thus reducing the likelihood that the EU would be hostile to the UK in a post almost-Brexit, seeing organic change rather than cowardly hesitation.
of course this is little else than a jolly pipe dream, but we can dream, can't we? This, I believe, is how democratic practice ought to look like more. And bum me with an apple if something this milquetoast would be considered utopian.
Cheers for making it this far and good night.
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Options: Precision (check one or both): Double Single; Output formats (check all desired): Decimal (e.g., 122.75) Binary (e.g., 1111010.11) Normalized decimal scientific notation (e.g., 1.2275 * 10^2) Normalized binary scientific notation (e.g., 1.11101011 * 2^6) Normalized decimal times a power of two (e.g., 1.91796875 * 2^6) Decimal integer times a power of two (e.g., 491 * 2^-2) Decimal ... Simplify binary expression. Written by on March 13, 2015. using charts for binary options basics, Options trading traders lose money systems, binary trading white label graphs, tricks of binary options quit job, top 2 forex binary options test account strategies, binary options system 3 filtration bullet 2, best stock options trading covered calls site for beginners, practice futures free ... We do data normalization when seeking for relations. Some people do this methods, unfortunately, in experimental designs, which is not correct except if the variable is a transformed one, and all ... Binary numbers are what computer programs use to convey information. The only digits used are 0 and 1, in contrast to the decimal system, which uses 0 through 9. To convert a negative decimal number to binary, a computer uses a process called a two's complement binary, which involves special code. Sunday, 21 April 2019. Normalised form binary options A relation in a Relational Database is always and at least in 1NF form. Every Binary Relation ( a Relation with only 2 attributes ) is always in BCNF. If a Relation has only singleton candidate keys( i.e. every candidate key consists of only 1 attribute), then the Relation is always in 2NF( because no Partial functional dependency possible). Sometimes going for BCNF form may not preserve ... returns that string normalised to form D. Options are -c, -d, -kc and -kd to support each of the four standard forms. This tool is supplied with its own source code, which you are welcome to adapt, use, or whatever else in your own code – this is really simple, but amazingly frustrating when you can’t find any way of performing normalisation. If you want to explore Unicode normalisation ... More options. Contact us. Close Menu Forums. Homework Help ... I have found that 7/10 in binary form is: 0.101100110011001100..... However I don not know how to normalise/ standardise this. Can anybody help please! Answers and Replies Related Engineering and Comp Sci Homework Help News on How cell processes round up and dump damaged proteins; Mystery of glacial lake floods solved ... For this method, you will need to know how to convert numbers into binary form. If you don't know how to do this, you can learn how in How to Convert from Decimal to Binary. Steps. 1. Choose single or double precision. When writing a number in single or double precision, the steps to a successful conversion will be the same for both, the only change occurs when converting the exponent and ... The following description explains terminology and primary details of IEEE 754 binary floating point representation. The discussion confines to single and double precision formats. Usually, a real number in binary will be represented in the following format, I m I m-1 …I 2 I 1 I 0.F 1 F 2 …F n F n-1. Where I m and F n will be either 0 or 1 of integer and fraction parts respectively. A ...

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